Wario Ware Touched - Unlock Pyoro T


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Unlock Pyoro T

Unlock every mini-game to unlock the Pyoro T mini-game.

Get More Mini-Games

To unlock more mini-games you have to beat the high scores on each of the mini-games that have high-scores.

Juggle boy: 40 points
Orbit Ball: 1000miles
Air dude: 100 yards
Big hurl: 80 meters
Pyoro T: 3000 points
Snore rope: 15 points

Unlock Characters

Ashley, Dr. Crygor, Kat and Ana: Beat Jamie T's microgames
James T: Beat Dr. crygor Ashley Kat and Ana's microgames
Jamie T: Beat jimmy T's microgames
Jimmy T: Beat wario's microgames
Mike, 9 volts: Beat James T's microgames
Mona: Beat Wario's micro games
Warioman: Beat mike and 9 volt's microgames

Title Screen Secrets

If you use enough force you can kill the noses eventually you get garlic grab it and throw it at a nose you'll end up with a huge nose. If you throw the green balls or stars they will get lodged in the nostrils and you can make it sneeze.

Move the Ship

If you blow in the microphone the ship will move.

Super Wario

Feed Wario a rotten garlic.
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