World Championship Snooker 2003 - To pot your shots easier


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To pot your shots easier

To pot your shots easier, when using the Left Analog-stick or D-Pad, hold L.The direction will slow down incredibly, making it much easier to pot theballs. This also works when choosing the power of the shots on the meter;holding L will slow down how high and low you choose.

Hint: Buy anything for free

To purchase anything for your created player, go to the upgrade/editappearance screen. Buy something or as much as you can, but do not select"Done"; or you will use the money. Press B to return to the previous menuand save the game. Keep repeating this until you have everything.

Note: You will need a lot of money to buy something; win a championship ortwo first.

Hint: Bonus outakes

To hear bonus outakes from the commentators Dennis Taylor/John Virgo,choose the options menu, then select "Credits". While the credits scroll,you will hear the commentators make mistakes on various quotes heard in thegame.

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