WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
That's Gonna Leave A Mark 20 points: Powerbomb an opponent on top of a steel step in any match type.
Possession is 9/10 Of The Law 20 points: Steal your opponent's taunt 3 times in any One on One match.
Put'em In A Body Bag 20 points: Turn your opponent's entire limb damage meter red in any match type.
I'd Like To Thank The Academy 20 points: Defeat a Powerhouse Superstar with the Possum Pin in any match type.
You've Got A Bit Of Red On You 20 points: Get busted open by your opponent on legend difficulty in any match type and win.
Who Says Originality Is Dead 20 points: Create an original CAS, ring entrance and created Championship.
King Of The Mountain 20 points: Place first in every type of tournament in Tournament mode.
If It Bleeds... 20 points: Bloody every ECW Superstar on the roster.
Submission-Sensei 50 points: Win a Normal Submission match without having your Struggle Submission hold broken once.
Stop Yapping And Fight 20 points: Argue with the referee 4 times in a match and win.
That's One For The Record Books 20 points: Eliminate 20 opponents in a 30-Man Royal Rumble.
Now That's Hardcore 20 points: Bloody and defeat a Hardcore Superstar on legend difficulty in an ECW Extreme Rules match and win.
The Best There Was... 20 points: Win a 20-minute Ironman match on legend difficulty without surrendering a point to your opponent.
A Fighting Champion 75 points: In ranked online matches, defend a CAC title 5 times against 5 different players within 24 hours.
Gold Digger 70 points: Win a Created Championship 10 times in ranked online matches.
On Fire 75 points: Win 30 consecutive ranked online matches.

Escape Artist 20 points: Wiggle free from every Ultimate Control Grapple at least once.
What The... 10 points: Preview the Mexican Stretch Turnbuckle move in Create a Moveset.
You've Got Guts 20 points: Complete a ranked online title match.
Send'em Back To Louisville 10 points: Lose to an opponent who has more limb damage than you.
Now Offering Non-Stop Flights 20 points: Stand on a ladder and suplex your opponent out of the ring in a ladder match.
Rope A Dope 20 points: Perform a succesful springboard attack off each side of the ropes.
This Year's Inductee 350 points: Play as a GM in 24/7 Mode and obtain the GM of the Year Award.
On The Job 10 points: Lose 5 consecutive ranked online matches.
Better Luck Next Year 10 points: Be the first Superstar eliminated in a 30-Man Royal Rumble.
This Is Coming Out Of Your Check 20 points: Break 15 tables and 10 chairs in a TLC match.

Double Undertaker glitch:
When playing as the Undertaker, Kane will appear in the ring during an intermission sequence on RAW. All of his mannerisms will be just like the Undertaker's, and in other scenes even the lights will be like the Undertaker's. Finally, when you go to the WWE Magazine option, it will talk about how the Undertaker is not willing to back down from the Undertaker, and it will continually refer to yourself as fighting yourself.

Cheat mode:
Select "Cheat" at the "Options" menu and enter one of the following case-sensitive codes on the virtual keyboard to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some European and Australian versions of the game do not have the "Cheat" option.

HHH's and HBK's DX costumes
Enter DXCostume69K2 as a code.

Kelly Kelly's bonus costume
Enter KellyKG12R as a code.

Increase Your Fame:
Go to trophy dates. Every time you are there your fame increasing by 5, which it means 30 per week.

Preset movesets
Moveset 1 High Tech: Paul London
Moveset 2 High Show: Brian Kendrick
Moveset 3 Sub Tech: Charlie Haas
Moveset 4 Tech High: Shelton Benjamin
Moveset 5 Show Braw: Eugene
Moveset 6 Show Pow: Val Venis
Moveset 7 Braw High: Rob Van Dam
Moveset 8 Pow Show: Big Show
Moveset 9 Pow Hard: Test
Moveset 10 Braw Hard: Hardcore Holly
Moveset 11 Tech Sub: Tazz
Moveset 12 Sub Tech: Kurt Angle
Moveset 13 Dirt Show: Christian Cage
Moveset 14 Pow Hard: Rhino
Moveset 15 Hard Pow: Brother Ray
Moveset 16 Hard Braw: Brother Devon
Moveset 17 Braw Show: Kip James
Moveset 18 Pow Tech: BG James
Moveset 19 Sub Braw: Samoa Joe
Moveset 20 High Tech: AJ Styles
Moveset 21 High Tech: Christopher Daniels
Moveset 22 Braw Show: Tajiri
Moveset 23 Pow Tech: Brock Lesnar
Moveset 24 Pow Braw: Goldberg
Moveset 25 Pow Show: Sting
Moveset 26 Show High: X-Pac
Moveset 27 Braw Show: Jimmy Snuka
Moveset 28 Show Braw: Dusty Rhodes
Moveset 29 Pow Braw: Ultimate Warrior

Shop bonuses:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item or superstar for purchase at the store for the listed price.

Bret Hart: Defeat Bret Hart in Hall Of Fame Direct Challenge mode as Shawn Michaels 210,000.
Hardcore Championship: Become a Hall of Famer 20,000.
HBK DX Entrance: Buy the DX outfits 30,000.
HBK DX Outfit: Already available for purchase 60,000.
HHH DX Entrance: Buy the DX outfits 30,000.
HHH DX Outfit: Already available for purchase 60,000.
JBL: Already available for purchase 110,000.
Mick Foley: Defeat Mick Foley in Hall Of Fame Direct Challenge mode as The Undertaker 210,000.
Million Dollar Championship: Become a Hall of Famer 20,000.
Move Set 1: Already available for purchase 15,000.
Move Set 2: Already available for purchase 15,000.
Move Set 3: Already available for purchase 15,000.
Preset Move Set: Buy all move sets 15,000.
Rick Rude: Already available for purchase 210,000.
Roddy Piper: Already available for purchase 210,000.
Sabu: Already available for purchase 210,000.
Shane McMahon: Already available for purchase 60,000.
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Defeat Stone Cold in the Hall Of Fame Challenge mode as Bret Hart 210,000.
Terry Funk: Defeat Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and Sandman in an ECW Extreme Rules 4-way match under the "Legend" difficulty setting 210,000.
The Rock: Defeat The Rock as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin under the "Legend" difficulty setting 210,000 .
Vince McMahon Bald: Buy the original Vince McMahon 60,000.
Vince McMahon: Complete 24/7 GM mode and become GM Of The Year 110,000.
WCW Classic Championship: Become be a Hall of Famer 20,000.
WWF Attitude Era Championship: Become be a Hall of Famer 20,000.

Get the indicated number of Hall Of Fame mode points to unlock the corresponding arena.
December to Dismember: 8 points.
ECW One Night Stand: 7 points.
Great American Bash: 10 points.
New Year's Revolution: 9 points.
No Way Out: 5 points.
Summerslam: 11 points.
Vengeance: 6 points.
Wrestlemania 23: 12 points.

In The Table:
When you are in the table of judges, press A to throw down the micro TVs and fight on it. Another good move to do is when you have already two specials, take a table from outside and use it in the ring. Keep pressed RB and press enduringly Y. Then your character will heat up

1. First off, when the draft is picking only pick Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels, put them on both on 1 year contracts. Exit the draft.

2. Make one of them clean and one of them dirty, Shawn Micheals is probably the better choice as a clean superstar.

3. Give one of them the WWE championship, and the other intercontiental

4. Turn injuries off, and put it on legend difficulty. Put the card so it is on Re-Run

5. Buy the storyline writers which have "undisputed champion", and "legend killer". Make a rivalry by one of these two, and make it for a PPV over 13 weeks away

6. For RAW, have 5 big events. My 5 were:
1st match: Intercontiental Championship normal 2nd Match: Ladder match 3rd match: TLC match 4th match: Hardcore match Main Event: Steel Cage WWE Championship Simulate all these matches You can have promos if you want but I didnt and it turned out fine

7. for the first few weeks have your day activites go Monday: RAW
Tuesday: Shawn Michaels - Fan Favouite Training
Wednesday: Rey Mysterio - Fan Heat Training
Thursday: Shawn Michaels - Fan Favouite Training
Friday: Rey Mysterio - Fan Heat Training

8. When both of the Fan Heat for Mysterio and Fan Favouite for Michaels reach 100, do:
Monday: RAW
Tuesday: Shawn Michaels - Trophy Date
Wednesday: Rey Mysterio - Trophy Date
Thursday: Shawn Michaels - Trophy Date
Friday: Rey Mysterio - Trophy Date

9. At PPV's I set my matches like this:
1st match: TLC match
2nd Match: Hardcore match
3rd match: Last Man Standing match
4th match: Intercontiental Championship - Ironman 20 minuite Main Event: WWE championship - Hell In A Cell

10. you usually get off to a slow start, but I won it two weeks after the Royal Rumble. Unforgiven is the biggest bollard, as I only got 2 stars, because you only get two matches and an elimination chamber, but you dont have enough for an elimination chamber.

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