Etherlords II Singleplayer Demo


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The saga continues! Etherlords II takes you back to the world of Ether and into a whole new realm of fantastic possibilities. Lead your hero on an unforgettable journey through lands filled with unsurpassed beauty and danger to unlock the ultimate mystery.

Etherlords II is an exciting mix of role-play and tactical turn-based combat in the best traditions of fantasy trading card games.

*Five campaigns covering a magnificent 3D fantasy world
*Hundreds of spells and creatures combine to create nearly unlimited tactical possibilities
*New monsters and magic that can be used by any of the four races
*Enhance your Hero's skills throughout each campaign with new spells, creatures and abilities.
*Boats, tunnels and transporters let you explore every corner of the Etherworld
*Non-linear missions with multiple paths to completion
*Thorough tutorial system to help you learn basic and advanced dueling tactics

*Constructor lets you create your own artifacts
*Map Editor lets you create new missions and even campaigns

*Auto-rating server for duels and tournaments
*New modes for one-on-one and team based duels for up to 8 players
*Ability to record and play back duels

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