Star Wars - Battle for Naboo


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Stop the Invasion!
The dark shadow of the Trade Federation has fallen over Naboo. In the capital city of Theed, an invasion force has landed. Fearing for her planet, Queen Amidala plans to escape Theed in order to plead Naboo's case before the Galactic Senate on Coruscant. But while she is away, Naboo is in grave danger and must be protected. As Lt. Gavyn Sykes of Naboo's Royal Security Forces, you must navigate the treacherous streets of occupied Theed in order to escape and form a resistance movement.

Flee into the remote reaches of Naboo to discover the stormy swamps, snow-covered mountains, secluded bayous, and ancient ruins that lie beyond the populated cities. Dogfight in narrow ravines in a Naboo starfighter, navigate mine-laden rivers in a stolen Trade Federation gunboat, and chase droid forces across the fields of Naboo in a heavy STAP. Do whatever it takes, just find your allies-smugglers, pilots, fellow Royal Security officers-and end the oppression of the Trade Federation.

The people of Naboo are dying! You must do something quickly!


Attention defenders of Naboo! The Trade Federation must be stopped! Storm through more than 15 missions over land, sea and space as your freedom fighters rally against the droid armies.
Take control of 7 vehicles: the Naboo starfighter, Gian speeder, and new craft like the heavy STAP, Trade Federation gunboat and more.
More than 15 missions: Escape from Theed, Search & Destroy, Sabotage, Reconnaissance, Convoy and more.
Battle against Trade Federation droid starfighters, AATs, destroyer droids, battle droids and much more.
Change vehicles mid-mission through specially designated hangars.
From the developers of Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

PC Windows | Nintendo 64

PC Windows | Nintendo 64

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95, 98, 2000 and Millennium Edition
CPU: Pentium II or Athlon class 233 MHz or higher. (266 MHz or higher required for Windows 2000)
Memory: 64MB RAM
Video Card: 8MB PCI or AGP 3D Hardware Accelerator required.
Sound Card: 16-bit sound card
CD-ROM: Quad-speed CD-ROM drive
Input Device: 100% Direct-Input compatible. Joystick or gamepad recommended. Optional rumble support for Force Feedback joysticks and gamepads.
DirectX: Requires DirectX 8.0 or higher. (DirectX 8.0 is included on CD)

3D Accelerator Card Required A 100% DirectX 3D Accelerator is required. Supported chipsets at time of release:

3dfx Voodoo3 3dfx Voodoo4/5 3D Labs GLINT R3 3D Labs Permedia 3 ATI Radeon ATI Rage 128 ATI Rage 128 Pro Matrox G200 Matrox G400 NVIDIA GeForce 256 family NVIDIA GeForce2 family NVIDIA RIVA TNT/TNT2 family NVIDIA Quadro/Quadro 2 family PowerVR Kyro S3 Savage4/Savage4 PRO

N64 Expansion Pack
N64 Rumble Pack
One Player

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Team Commentary TALKTOME
Advanced Shields DROIDEKA
Graphics Showroom KOOLSTUF

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PC Windows | Nintendo 64

PC Windows | Nintendo 64

E3 Flash Movie
Lt. Gavyn Sykes
Idealistic and brave, Lt. Gavyn Sykes spent much of his youth flying local transports before joining the Royal Security Forces. Patrolling the secret tunnels and outskirts of Theed has honed his military abilities. Whether driving a Flash speeder or piloting a Naboo starfighter, Sykes is efficient and resourceful, ready to defend his commander and the citizens of Naboo.

Captain Kael
Possessing the clear characteristics of leadership, Captain Kael was quickly promoted to an officer position after joining the Royal Security Forces as a young man. He is diligent and tough on his troops, but he enjoys training them, and commands their respect. Fond of his home planet Naboo, Kael seldom leaves it, choosing instead to spend time sharpening his survival skills in the swamps.

Borvo the Hutt
The powerful smuggler Borvo the Hutt specializes in the shipment of everything from blaster cannons to addictive spice. An influential figure, he has dozens of strongholds on worlds located throughout the Outer Rim. His secret lair lies on Naboo, however, far from the Republic's watchful eyes. There he stores excess weapons and vehicles to use for his smuggling runs.

Adela Tyché
Adela Tyché is a skilled and dangerous pilot. She has traveled extensively, strengthening her piloting and fighting abilities. Her significant skills as an advisor and translator impressed Borvo, who soon employed her as his personal pilot and bodyguard.

Kol Kotha
A member of the Gran race, Kol Kotha leads a dangerous life. Years of piracy and smuggling have hardened him. His dealing of illegal arms in the Outer Rim built his considerable reputation, which attracted the attention of Borvo the Hutt. In need of Kol's extensive weapons knowledge and piloting skills, Borvo hired him as a mercenary.

Because Vedd grew up in the swamps, where he now works as a trader, he knows the bayous and backcountry of Naboo well. An exceptional guide, he can find reclusive smugglers, concealed hideouts, and secret bases. Resourceful and encouraging, Vedd is a staunch RSF ally, even during the most intense battles.

Hollis spent his youth in the rolling hills of Naboo, where his family maintained a small farm. Now an experienced fighter pilot, Hollis has become a dedicated member of the Royal Security Forces. Willing to take risks to protect his family and friends, Hollis will stop at nothing to repel the invasion of the Trade Federation.
The N-1 starfighter represents the pinnacle in Naboo military technology. Armed with twin laser cannons and proton torpedoes, the agile N-1 is designed for patrol and escort missions. Deflector shields protect the pilot, while an on-board astromech aids in navigation and repairs.

The AAT serves as the Trade Federation's front-line assault vehicle. Designed to wipe out enemy troops, the AAT boasts a powerful laser cannon capable of punching through enemy ranks. A fearsome sight on any battlefield, the AAT is one of the Trade Federation's most formidable weapons.

Police Cruiser
The Naboo police cruiser functions as a training vehicle for potential N-1 pilots. Its weapons, shields, and other equipment are significantly less powerful than those aboard the N-1. However, the cruiser is still among the most formidable vehicles in the Naboo arsenal.

Heavy STAP
A modified version of the standard recon STAP, the heavy STAP supports laser cannons and powerful missiles. The lightly-armored vehicle is typically used to explore dangerous areas or mop up retreating enemy forces. Less agile than the generic STAP, the heavy STAP has difficulty traveling over some terrain, including rivers.

Gian Speeder
A well-armored patrol vehicle used by the Royal Security Force, the Gian speeder is rarely deployed on peaceful Naboo. The speeder possesses two primary laser cannons, and a third, more powerful cannon that must be recharged between uses. Gian speeders can easily disable non-military vehicles, and present a formidable threat to Trade Federation forces.

Flash Speeder
Fast, agile, and moderately armed, the Flash speeder functions as the RSF's primary ground patrol vehicle. Well-suited to covering Theed's city streets, the speeder is assigned to protecting Theed from all threats. The vehicle's single pursuit/defense blaster is designed to destroy obstacles and lightly-armored targets, such as battle droids.

Trade Federation Gunboat
The Trade Federation gunboat has been designed to explore and conquer the dense swamps of Naboo. The vehicle's powerful engines propel it through dense waterways, while the twin laser cannons and rotating turret destroy any opposition. The boat's dense armor protects it from underwater obstacles and enemy fire.

Naboo Bomber
A prototype vehicle seldom used by the RSF, the Naboo Bomber combines deadly Nubian technology with Naboo spaceframe design. The heavily-armored vehicle carries devastating energy bombs for air-to-ground combat, while standard laser cannons allow the pilot to engage airborne threats. A rare sight in the skies above Naboo, the bomber is nonetheless an important component in the Naboo's fight against the Trade Federation.

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