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Re-Mission is a video game developed for adolescents and adults with cancer. The game is a professional effort created with leading video game developers and animators as well as cancer experts, cell biologists, psychologists and young people with cancer themselves.

Re-Mission is a groundbreaking game as it sacrifices none of the features that you would find in a AAA game but still maintains a very specific role in improving the care provided to adolescents and young adults with cancer. The game can easily compare with most of the retail games available out there as it offers 20 challenging levels, a cohesive (and scientifically accurate) storyline and an immersive journey through the bodies of young patients with different kinds of cancer.

Players control the latest technological achievement, a nanobot named Roxxi, who rocket propels her shapely form through the bodies of cancer patients, destroying cancer cells, fighting off bacterial infections and assisting in the management of realistic, real-life side-effects associated with cancer.

Re-Mission has been found to greatly increase the quality of life of cancer patients while it has also been demonstrated to have a positive influence in patient adherence to cancer therapy regimens.

An epic battle rages deep in the realms of the human body. Colonies of microscopic cancer cells replicate attack and damage healthy organs. Guide Roxxi, your gutsy and fully armed nanobot, and medicine's mightiest warrior. Lead her through challenging missions and rapid-fire assaults on malignant cells, wherever they hide. It's the world's smallest battlefield yet the stakes have never been higher. Re-Mission is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

Note: The game has been split into four smaller files in order to make downloading easier.

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