Kane and Lynch Demo


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After the tragic death of his son, Kane leaves his family and becomes a member of The 7 - an elite mercenary group. After years of being at the top of their game, a mission in Venezuela goes terribly wrong. Kane escapes with the loot as the only survivor, but is caught and sentenced to death.

But not all of The 7 did die. They want the loot back and they want to deliver the punishment due to a traitor - death to him and his family. Kane is busted out of the prison van and offered a deal by The 7. His wife and daughter will be spared if he returns the loot. He will still be killed.

Lynch, a medicated psychopath sentenced to death for the murder of his wife, is busted out of prison with Kane to be his watchdog and make sure he fulfils the deal.

Kane - an experienced mercenary with everything to lose, and Lynch - an unpredictable psychopath with everything to gain, are thrown together in an intense, volatile alliance. No means are too harsh as they fight to save Kane's family and take revenge on The 7, hating each other every step of the way.

01. Kane, a flawed mercenary and Lynch, a medicated psychopath in a highly volatile alliance.

02. A new breed of action in a brutal tale of loyalty, loss and revenge.

03. Intense, hard-edged action gameplay.

04. Explosive squad-based combat with intuitive squad control (optional).

05. Co-op mode - play as both Kane and Lynch.

06. Treacherous online multiplayer mode.

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