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The world as we know it is no more! Travelling through inter-dimensional portals, huge mobile cities pass through space in search of their destination.

Guided by the Spirits, a race born with knowledge of vast technologies, nine immense ships set out on a great exodus, a journey taking them from world to world. The journey is fraught with many perils including that of this new dimension's native inhabitants, the Scourge.

The journey has taken many centuries with generations of inhabitants following in the footsteps of their ancestors, but for a few this journey is nearing an end. Some of the Exodus are beginning to doubt the Spirit council, with rising political tensions forcing the Exodus to split into many factions, some wishing to return home, some determined to follow the spiritual quest of their forefathers and others with their own agenda entirely. And so begins the War.

In Perimeter you will get to experience this journey from the point of view of all factions.

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