Galactic Federation


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Galactic Federation is a space combat simulation game, featuring battles that allow one hundred capital ships, fighters, and bombers to blast away and destroy each other at any one time. The game is built upon an in-house developed DirectX 9 engine that possesses a dynamic geometry damage model, allowing for spectacular ship destruction. Players will see debris fly off their enemies, weapon turrets explode, and ships cut into many tiny pieces. To accomplish this, players will be able to pilot over 20 types of fighters and bombers, and loadout with a plethora of different weapons from the available arsenal.
The demo contains two missions from the main campaign.

List of features:

- A scripted campaign consisting of 20 missions!
- Single-player dogfight missions for instant action fun!
- Dozens of ships to fly and destroy!
- Realistic collisions!
- A dynamic damage model that allows you to deform, cut and blow your enemies while watching them disintegrate piece by piece!
- Use different types of energy and projectile weapons to attenuate enemy hulls! Watch capital ships use their impressive
beams to cut each other to shreds!
- Experience the unique manoeuvring possibilities provided by the realistic flight model combined with the powerful engines
of your attack craft!
- Communicate and give orders to your wingmates!
- Participate in battles between dozens of capital ships, fighters, and bombers!
- Enjoy just under 20 minutes of great action music while you destroy your enemies!

Features currently under development (and will be available through patches):
- Two more campaigns with over 30 additional missions!
- Options to allow you to customizable your controls!
- New ships and weapons for you to use and destroy!
- Improved graphics and textures!
- Powerful editors allowing you to make campaigns, missions, and ships of your own!

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