WorldShift Multiplayer Demo


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The demo contains two cooperative multiplayer maps (The Lost Coast and Tay-Rammin tundra), also playable 1 on 1.

WorldShift is a next-gen cyber-fantasy RTS game designed to be quick and very easy to learn and play. It offers hectic, fierce encounters all around the Earth and a fascinating story uncovering ancient secrets about the true nature of the mysterious object from space known as the Shard, as well as the mysterious of the Plague. WorldShift also introduces many features new to the genre, like modifiable factions, unqiue cooperative multiplayer gameplay, and more.


Fast and furious multiplayer
Thousands of items and powerful relics to collect
Use items and relics to build your own tactics
The best cooperative, player-vs-environment gameplay ever made in RTS game
Random maps for infinite exploration
Unique blend of post apocalyptic setting, hi-tech and primitive
Epic, dangerous missions with great rewards
3 playable races

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