Train Town Deluxe demo


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Lionel TrainTown features the irreverence found only in 3D Ultra games! You'll be amazed at the hilarious and zany jobs you'll need to complete; everything from delivering supplies, to tests of memory, to a dung-sorting contest with Farmer MacDonald's cows.
Lionel TrainTown features authentic replicas of Lionel cars and engines!
There's over thirty different cars across five wild and surprise-filled landscapes.
Tutorials will have novice players running trains in less then 5 minutes, while more experienced players will still find puzzles to test their skills.
Five difficulty levels allow ease of entry for novice players and replayability for experienced players.
Hours of model train fun as you play through 72 different jobs!
Environments spring to life with inventive animations and clever surprises.
Best scores for each "job" kept so players can compete to set game records.
Non-violent, great game suitable for the entire family.

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