Double Fine releases Hack and Slash Early Access trailer

Since the release of Brutal Legend, Double Fine restructured itself into multiple teams so that the entire company wasn't working on the same thing at the same time. It meant it could put out several smaller games in the same time frame and keep the business more relevant and more profitable too. To that end, while it's been working away on a sequel to Costume Quest, a new IP called Massive Chalice and still continuing to create Broken Age Part 2, it's managed to develop an early access build of Hack n' Slash, which is set for release in the next week or so.

Hack n' Slash came from the 2012 Amnesia Fornight, along with the sadly defunct Brazen, and is your standard Zelda-like adventure, with swords, sorcery and hack and slash combat, but with a twist. In Hack 'N Slash, you can "hack" into enemies and the world around you to change key values, like movement speed, hitpoints, detection range and more, making enemies easier to fight or avoid altogether.

To celebrate the game hitting Steam Early Access, Double Fine put out the following short trailer:

It may not have much in the way of gameplay footage, but it does have Double Fine's typical style and sense of humour.

Did any of you guys take part in the initial Humble Bundle for Amnesa Fortnight and play the prototype? Do you like how the game has progressed since then?

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