Soldiers: Heroes of World War II Demo


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Game Info:

Soldiers - Heroes of World War II drops you into the heart of the most intense WWII combat-action. Take control of the most elite American, British, German or Russian forces ever to impact on the war-zone. Up against overwhelming odds, you must complete your missions incorporating stealth, guile, speed and aggression.
Mission objectives include blowing railway tracks, kidnapping enemy officers, destroying convoys. Be warned that much of this activity will take place behind enemy lines!

Command troops by either using group control RTS style'point and click' commands or by using the direct control feature for individual units, providing a more realistic and precise style of play. The choice is yours.

Use the fully interactive environment, tools and equipment around you to complete your objective, the way you want to complete it. Maximise the effectiveness of your squad by assigning tasks relevant to their individual skills. As long as you keep your men alive, you can do whatever it takes to secure victory... nothing is pre set.

The cunning AI means that the enemy will attack information; retreat if necessary; look for cover; ambush you, and even flank you. Think on your feet or your mission will end in a hail of flame and bullets.

With four campaigns covering the Russian, German and Allies, you'll be spoilt with choice for weapons, vehicles and men. To find out more about the Campaigns, click through on the following link.

Demo Info:
This demo contains one single player mission where you must defend your commanding officer against German attacks.

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