World of Tanks maker thinks war games help avoid real war

Would the Gulf War ever have taken place if more politicians played war-games? According to World of Tanks creator, Wargaming's CEO Viktor Kislyi, probably not. He believes that games like Civilisation, which show the attrition and horrific knock on effects of all-out war, especially when it comes to attacking large population centres, really bring home how terrible war is, but in a fun way.

"At times you are forced to go to war, for example if you are attacked," Kislyi told OXM as part of an interview published in a recent issue of OXM. "But have you ever attacked a 25-point city in Civilization? It is painful. So if the enemy shows up and wants to make peace, you say 'hell yes, because I'm not tolerating this anymore'."

"Games can certainly be powerful anti-war experiences," he said. "This may sound a little bold, but thinking back to those wars in the mid-1990s and 2000s, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even Napoleon getting involved in Russia and Spain a very long time before; I think that if some of those leaders had played Civilization like myself, I feel some of their decisions would have been altered for the ultimate good of all the people, including their own people."

Of course he understands that humanity may never break free from war and that holding hands doesn't solve every problem out there, but he hopes that gaming can get the warmongering poison out of our system over time and help prevent some of the unnecessary ones.

And of course, we have to be prepared if aliens attack. Until then we need to practice on someone right?

Image Source: Game Agent

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