UFHO2 Released On Torrent After Waiting 2 Years For Steam Greenlight

After waiting for 2 years for his game to be green-lit to Steam, UFHO2 developer Ciro Continisio released the game as a torrent on Pirate Bay so that everybody could enjoy it.

Turn based strategy game, UFHO2, was successfully crowd-funded through Kickstarter early in 2012. It was then submitted to Steam's Greenlight program in August of the same year. During the twenty months that followed, Ciro released UFHO2 on the Humble Store and Desura, while waiting to the Greenlight approval.

"My game UFHO2 has been on Greenlight for 2+ years now, and with no luck. Is it so shitty?" he pondered in a Reddit post. "I released it days ago on Desura/Humble Store, but the trend is clear: nobody is going to buy it unless it's on Steam. Thus, I've put it on torrent so everyone can enjoy it."

Interestingly, Ciro has found the situation to be "slightly better" for mobile games as those platforms have better mechanisms to discover hidden gems. "On mobile [UFHO2] is doing slightly better, because even if super crowded the App Store has mechanisms to make good game emerge, and a lot of websites publish articles about apps all the time," he explained. "On Greenlight, nobody is really scouting for good games anymore."

UFHO2 is currently available on The Pirate Bay, Desura and the Humble Store.

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