Report: Comcast Will Stream EA Games Soon

Reuters is reporting that Comcast may soon offer EA games via its X1 cable boxes.

Citing five anonymous sources, the news agency claims that EA and Comcast have testing the service for two years now are close to penning down an agreement to stream video games "such as FIFA and Madden" to Comcast's 22 million customers across the United States.

If the deal goes through, Comcast will offer EA games through its X1 system which Reuters describes as "the most sophisticated in the cable industry." In the end, both companies aim to make buying games as easy as ordering a pay-per-view movie.

At the beginning, Comcast will focus on family and casual games that can be controlled through the users' tablets. Depending on the platform's success and users' preferences, the company will consider offering FPS and action games post-launch.

As usual, Comcast and EA refused to comment.

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