Smash Bros creator confirms Mii combat in next version

Creator of the Smash Bros series of games, Masahiro Sakurai, recently posted a new image to the Miiverse, showing a pair of Wii U Mii characters battling it out in the new version of the game, while dressed as two of the game's traditional characters, confirming Mii combat in-game.

It was initially hinted at that we might see our Miiverse characters battling it out in the game, but it had yet to be confirmed until today. Much like Mario Kart 8, where you can race against the traditional Nintendo characters with the low-poly version of yourself, you'll now be able to punch, kick and slash the more traditional opponents as yourself in Smash Bros too.

However don't think you'll be going into battle unarmed. While there may well be a standard Mii moveset, if you want something a little more exciting, you can fight while dressed up as one of your favourite characters, presumably - like Kerby's suction ability - inheriting their movesets. In the screengrab from Sakurai, we see Meta Knight and Samus suited Miis throwing punches at one another.

This image also confirms the inclusion of Meta Knight in the game, which we were previously uncertain of.

Smash Bros is set for release in fall this year, though if you're heading to Gamescom this week, you'll get a chance to play in an official Nintendo tournament.

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