The Stalin Subway Demo


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This is the official demo for The STalin Subway. Set against the thrilling atmosphere of the Moscow dark 50s, this first-person shooter has players as Officer Suvorov passing through the prominent sights and secret underground locals of Moscow, such as the secret military subway line.

Game Story:

Moscow, fall 1952.

In the Kremlin's depths there is ripening a covert plot against Stalin. Stalin - the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party - is already 72 years old, but he is still able to arouse fear in his subordinates and subjects. The most reliable way to do away with the aged ruler and usurp his power is to use a powerful secret weapon right during the Bolsheviks Party assembly…
The main character - the KGB officer Gleb Suvorov - finds himself involved in the dramatic events against his own will. But he must prevent the explosion and rescue the lives of the innocent people.
Leading the main character through the tempest of the events, the player will visit the most prominent sights and secret underground objects of Moscow, like the existent subway stations, a secret military subway line, suburban catacombs, and many others.
Prepare yourself for the immersion into the thrilling atmosphere of the Moscow dark 50s…

Key Features:

· The photorealistic representation of the most prominent Moscow sights: subway stations, the Kremlin, Moscow State University etc.

· The top-secret objects: a military transport underground line, secret labs, underground dug-outs, Stalin-s bunker;

· Authentic weaponry, including those that have never been offered in a computer game such as anti-tank rifle PTRS-41;

· The NPC-s are able to show the emotional reaction to the environment and the player-s actions;

· Control the trains of the secret underground line;

· Over 300 types of destroyable objects: book-cases, chairs, ashtrays and so on;

· Multiplayer: death match and special team scenarios, multiplayer maps designed as real Moscow places.

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