Take a trip around New Bordeaux in Mafia III


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Mafia III is an upcoming mob management, action title set to release in October this year, so in the build up the developers are giving us a little look at what the game will be like when it launches. In this latest video, we look at the city the game is based in: New Bordeaux. It's designed to act as a microcosm for America in a single city, with blended Bayous, small town suburbs and major city centres, all within a few miles of one another.

This makes the world quite a unique one to explore, but also ditches much of the long-distance driving that can be required in some open world games.

There's also some very distinct economic success areas, where there are some real affluent neighborhoods, contrasted with much poorer ones, each offering their own unique take on society, but also specific mission types and NPCs to interact with.

By the end of the trailer though, we do get a little hint at why all of this promo material is being released: publisher Take Two wants you to buy a pre-order.

If you do pay up before the game is released, you'll get the Family Kick-Back pack, which comes with three exclusive weapons and cars.

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