Myth II: Soulblighter New Update and Demo


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Project Magma has announced a new update and demo of Bungie's classic addictive real-time tactical game, Myth II: Soulblighter. The update, version 1.5.1, builds on the already-excellent gameplay of the classic title by adding new features and fixing long standing bugs, rendering the Myth experience that much more enjoyable. Along with the update, comes a new demo that takes advantage of all the improvements Myth II has received throughout its lifespan, and sporting two solo levels and multiplayer capability for hours of online carnage.

What's New:

- Native support for modern hardware, higher resolutions, and graphics acceleration via OpenGL (available for the first time under Windows) and DirectX, while still catering for legacy systems.
- Numerous bug fixes eliminating many causes of crashing and Out of Sync errors, resulting in the smoothest and most enjoyable Myth experience ever.
- A new Autohost feature, allowing automatic hosting of a playlist of maps in multiplayer.
- The ability to view the currently active plugins in multiplayer games.
- New mapmaking enhancements to allow for even more creative variations of gameplay in 3rd party add-ons.

A comprehensive list of everything changed in this update can be found in the Read Me.

Accompanying this release, and included in the downloads, are updated versions of Windows Mapmaking Tools and Loathing 1.5.1 (which for the first time can run on Mac OS X). All the new tools are included with the main downloads.

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