The Witcher Gets Immortalized On Polish Postage Stamps

CD Projekt Red revealed that it has work with Poland's postal office to release a limited line of official postage and envelopes based on the studio’s popular RPG, The Witcher.

The limited print of 180 000 stamps featuring the likeness of the game’s protagonist Geralt of Rivia is already available in Poland alongside an envelope decorated with the game’s logo and graphics.

Postage stamps are typically used to honor national symbols and it is quite rare for a game to reach this level of official recognition. Nonetheless, this is not the first time for Poland to publicly recognize CD Projekt Red’s creations. When US president Barack Obama visited the country in 2011 the Polish prime minister Donald Tusk gifted him a copy of The Witcher 2 and when he revisited the country in 2014 he mentioned the game explicitly in his speech as "a tribute to the talents and work ethic of the Polish people."

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