AMD's Vega could beat 1080Ti and Titan X performance

It's going to be a while before we get to try out some AMD Vega GPUs for ourselves, but if everything AMD has said is true, AMD is back. It's claiming crazy performance from its next-gen graphics cards, potentially as much as 45 percent extra power over its already impressive Fury X card. If true, that would mean it could outpace a GTX 1080 and possibly even a GTX 1080Ti and Titan X.

Cards are expected to come with at least 8GB of HBM2, possibly as much as 16GB in some instances, but that may not be necessary for everyone. A new High-Bandwidth-Cache system suggests that AMD can create virtual memory within its HBM, making cards with 4GB operate as if they had 8, 8 like 16 and so on.

There's a new geometry pipeline too, according to PCGamer, which should let AMD focus on pixels that will actually appear on screen, rather than rendering stuff that will be hidden from view. This will increase overall performance and improve efficiency, keeping Vega GPUs under 300w.

There are other changes in the works too we're told which could improve DirectX12 performance dramatically. Considering AMD already holds advantages over Nvidia at higher resolutions and with DirectX12 rendering, it could be that AMD is set to blow Nvidia out of the water for the first time in a decade.

Considering AMD's Zen CPUs seem poised to be Intel contenders too, it seems safe to say that AMD is going to have a great 2017.

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