Are you good at building PCs? Well there's a game for that too

Building a gaming PC is something that many people consider overly complicated, while the experienced see it as something fun, or at least something far from difficult. Those who really enjoy it though, may like to try out the pre-alpha of "PC Building Simulator," a game that's currently under development by Romanian programmer, Claudiu, which lets you do just that.

Building a PC is as simple as picking the correct components and then slotting them in place in the system. You'll need to install the CPU, GPU, HDD, ODD and all of the other important acronyms. There's heat paste to apply, side covers to install and a cooler to put in place.

It's relatively simple stuff right now, with no I/O panel that you forgot to put in before the motherboard, so have to take it all out again and no water cooling to contend with. In fact with the tutorial as the only mode currently available, you can't do too much in the game, but you can see how it's going to progress.

When the game is finished, there will be a single player campaign that sees you building PCs for profit, using the right components which you order yourself and put together the best gaming PCs for your customers. Presumably some orders will be custom that you must adhere to, but I'll bet that there's a few you just need to build something high-performing with a certain budget in mind.

I know it's in a rough state right now, but could you guys see yourself playing a game like this when it's finished?

Download the pre-alpha demo here.

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