Project Cars developer is making its own 4K console

Slightly Mad Studios, the developer of the two Project Cars games, apparently has ambitions way beyond the software it's previously put out. In a chat with Variety, the company's CEO, Ian Bell, claimed that Slightly Mad was developing the "Mad Box," which was a video game console that would be the most powerful ever made, offering 4K and VR support, as well as a free game engine for developers to use to create content for it.

The only downside is that it won't be released for three years.

The Mad Box will reportedly be a standalone system designed to compete with whatever Microsoft and Sony offer at the time — presumably an Xbox Two of sorts, and a PS5. It is designed to be more powerful than those, Bell claimed, though wouldn't elaborate on what hardware it would sport. Presumably whatever it is, hasn't been released yet, as with that much of a lead in there would be plenty of time to change specifications before then.

Whatever it is, though, Bell claims that it will be capable of pumping out 120FPS for virtual reality titles, as well as handle 4K resolution — though considering this will be a 2022 system, that's a given in our eyes.

We're told that it will be compatible with most modern VR headsets and will make a point of pushing the Slightly Mad Madness engine on developers who want to create content for it, though it will presumably also support popular existing engines like Unreal Engine and Unity.

The platform is apparently entirely funded, so won't require any kickstarter efforts, but no pricing for the actual system has yet been announced.

This seems like a better attempt at entering the console market than Soulja Boys' recent push, but it seems rather ambitious to our mind. What do you think?

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