Minecraft is still the most viewed game on YouTube

Fortnite might be the latest in a long list of games du jour, but it's not the one people want to watch the most. Over a decade on from its release, Minecraft, the blocky building title from Mojang Studios (now owned by Microsoft) is still the most popular game on YouTube, with billions of views racked up on Minecraft videos alone in 2019.

Minecraft has been a popular game for years upon years, with more than 100 million copies sold, tens of millions of monthly players, and plenty of support from YouTubers. That's continued in 2019, with even huge games like Fortnite not being able to knock it from its perch. In total, Minecraft streams and videos were watched more than 100 billion times as of October. To give that some context, Fortnite games were only viewed 60.9 billion times, and GTA V was viewed 36.9 billion times. Other games like Roblox and Garena Free Fire rounded out the list of top games with just shy of 30 billion a piece.

One of the major reasons that Minecraft is still going so strong after all these years is that it's so accessible. Not only is the game itself playable for any ages and its system requirements are low enough that gamers of all ages can play it on just about anything, but because of its age rating, anyone can watch it too. That's not the case with games like Fortnite, which (even with their cartoonish graphics) do feature a lot of violence in their own way.

Minecraft's popularity seems likely to continue on into the future. After more than 10 years of dominance Minecraft isn't slowing down. The only question is whether Microsoft will ever feel the need to create a whole new version.

Would you ever be willing to buy and play Minecraft 2?

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