Everyone's buying Valve Index VR headsets

Valve's Index virtual reality headset might be the most high-end, expensive virtual reality headset system you can invest in right now, but that's apparently not diminished gamers' interest in it. It's entirely sold out across the world at the time of writing, despite its $1,000+ price tag for the full kit and caboodle. This is likely driven by the impending April release of Half-Life: Alyx, but it's a surprise nonetheless.

Compared to more well-known VR brands like HTC and Oculus, with their Vive and Rift headsets respectfully, the Valve Index is simply a more capable device. It has a refresh rate of 120Hz, a wider field of view, and a higher-resolution screen, even if it does use LCD rather than OLED to effectively eliminate the screen door effect (losing contrast in the process).

This makes for an intense VR experience but one that should be well suited to Half-Life: Alyx when it debuts. For those who can get their hands on them at least.

For now, in the 31 territories selling Valve Index headsets, there isn't a single one available direct from Valve. You'll find some on Ebay and pre-owned sites no doubt, but they'll command a high price (maybe even higher than retail) while shortages last.

Are you planning on picking up a VR headset of any sort ahead of Alyx's release?

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