Besiege to hit version 1.0 next week, leaving early access after 5 years

Remember Besiege? It was the indie darling of a few years ago, with streamers and gamers alike building all sorts of whacky catapults, cars, trucks, tanks, and bombers to crush little, jumping knights and archers under their explosive cannonballs and wheels. Well now it's back! Or rather, marching forward into the future as a full 1.0 release, after five years in Early Access.

Besiege version 1.0 will finally be released on February 18, bringing to a close a lengthy development process that has seen a lot added to the game. If you haven't played since its popularisation half a decade ago, you'll find many new items to work with, new blocks, weapons, wheels, wings, and more. There's an expanded and lengthy campaign with heaps of challenges, sandbox levels, better multiplayer support with team races and battles now possible.

For those who have been keeping up with development, there's still something new just for you. Version 1.0 introduces the final island in the game's campaign. Krolmar.

“Krolmar is an ancient and mysterious desert island,” the developer said in the announcement, “filled with new enemies to slaughter, fortresses to obliterate, and secret magics to unravel.”

If you want to buy the game, it's $10 while still in Early Access, but that price will rise once it hits retail on February 18.The game will be expanded after launch, with the developers saying they'll focus on more experimental features.

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