AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution lands, with impressive results

AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution is now out in the wild and if you have any AMD GPU from the past five years, or any Nvidia GPU since the 10th-series, you can take advantage of it. There are only seven games that support it right now, but early reviews suggest performance and image quality are impressive, giving Nvidia something to sweat about, as developer support is already said to be strong.

FSR is an upscaling technology that leverages the GPU to upscale a lower resolution image, then applies a sharpening pass to clean up some of the lost details. Ultra Quality mode is almost the same as native rendering, but it gives you a solid 30% uptick in performance across supporting games. Other quality modes are less impressive visually, but deliver up to 300% improvement in some cases. That's huge, depending on the game.

The only problem is, only seven games support it right now, two of which aren't set to release until the fall and can only be played in pre-release beta form. Still, Godfall is a big get, and new games with FSR support soon, will include Resident Evil Village, DotA 2 and Far Cry 6, among a number of others. AMD also pledges as many as 40 developers will add FSR to their games in 2021.

Reviews suggest that FSR will become a strong feature for every GPU owner, and puts pressure on Nvidia which has previously locked down DLSS to only its high-end RTX cards, all of which are expensive and in short supply during the global shortage.

Will you make use of FSR if your favorite games begin using it?

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