The Land of Oz Free Full Game


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The Land of Oz has fallen into a heavy darkness after Dorothy left. The wizard had vanished, and in his place, a mysterious sorcerer rose to power. Just as bad, Dorothy's friends---the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion, blame Dorothy for their anguish, and spiraled down into maddening desperation for that which the Wizard couldn't truly deliver to them. "She lied to us," they said. "We never got what we were promised. But soon we will..."

>>> This game only works on Intel machines.
AMD users are likely to experience black screen issues. Unfortunately, this is a consequence of the game engine used to create the game. I'm still trying to find a solution, but as of yet, nothing's been found. Of course, you are free to download the title and try to run it anyway, but expect issues.

>>> External graphics card required
Integrated graphics may have trouble running the game optimally. A GTX 970 or better would be ideal. Be sure to have up-to-date GPU drivers.

>>> How To Run
Once the contents are extracted, in the Horror of Oz folder, click on "Horror of Oz.exe". It will be represented by an orange icon.

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