Discord banned over 55 million accounts this year already

Discord is constantly cracking down on accounts. From spammers, to hackers, malware spreaders, and the usual brands of toxic users, all of them need removing, banning, suspending, and various other punishments to make the Discord experience comfortable and safe for as many users as possible. I don't know if anyone was aware just how many accounts it has to slap down with its ban hammer to maintain the Discord millions of gamers know and love.

Discord has banned over 55 million accounts this year, or more accurately, between January and June 2022. That's an incredible amount of accounts, and that's just the start of it. It also took down over 68,000 servers.

The majority of the accounts "disabled" in this manner, as Discord calls its ban process, were for spam, or "spam-released offenses." However, there were also a lot of servers taken down for child safety reasons, and for illegal activity, such as illegal content sharing.

Wondering how successful all the appeals were? Discord does have an appeals process, but it's not an easy one to get through. Just 2% of appeals were received favorably in Q1, and just 0.6% in Q2.

With so many accounts getting hit with the ban hammer, it seems likely there will have been some collateral damage. Have you ever had an account nuked unfairly?

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