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[[A new type of game ?]]6 years since the release of the phenomenal Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, the Blizzard is set to strike again sometime by the end of 2000, with Warcraft III.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that this highly anticipated game would deviate from the current trend of Real-Time Strategy to one of, what they call, 3D Role-Playing Strategy, or RPS.


Expected to be nothing less than revolutionary, RPS makes it possible for the player to focus attention on smaller and more critical issues such as commanding small squads of elite units and their quests in the intriguing 3D world of Azeroth, rather than being burdened with resource management and the assembling of massive armies of expendable units.

[[New features]]

Hence, the player is exposed to unprecedented levels of interaction and flexibility. RPS also attempts to recognize the players tact and strategic abilities more than in Warcraft II, which focused more on resource management and army sizes.

But for those who fear for the future of strategy games the way they used to be fret not! The resource management and army assembling duties still very much a part of your game!


In addition to RPS, Warcraft III incorporates many innovative features. Players would have the option of choosing between 6 unique races, rather than 2, as in the previous Warcraft. Blizzard announced that 3 of these would be Humans, Orcs and Demons, but remained tight-lipped on what to expect for the others.

Warcraft III will also allow for greater fluidity in 3D animations, increased flexibility for customization of your world, and a wider variety of multiplayer options such as Team Play over Blizzard's internet gaming service, www.battle.net.

Now over a year in development the longest time for any Blizzard game, and loaded with out-of-the-ordinary features, Warcraft III will be too tempting to overlook this holiday season!

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