Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos


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Cal Johnston's life is dictated by the promise of revenge. He was just twelve when his young life was shattered by the brutal murder of his father at the hands of the ruthless Caleb Maas. A failed revenge attempt saw him incarcerated in a maximum-security hard labour camp. For fifteen years Cal has dreamt of avenging his father. For fifteen years he has awaited an opportunity to escape his captors. Now his time has come. Together with his fellow escapees, Cal and his loyal band of pirates are destined to become inextricably drawn into the events that will spark the second Independence War. And so begins the adventure.


A rich but simple gameplay: pilot your ship, communicate, trade, recycle items, buy or modify your possessions.
An epic and human adventure: EDGE OF CHAOS is about emotions, where Cal's personal quest will lead you into the war.
A multi-genre game: more than being a basic space combat simulation, EDGE OF CHAOS introduces adventure and resource management elements.
A multiplayer experience. Never seen before Lan and Internet multiplayer modes.
Train to fly your ship, play a couple of missions and explore this immense freeform universe. With the most stunning visuals we've ever seen in a space combat game and a superb storyline, you're simply being spoilt rotten with this one.

Extract the .zip file to a folder of your choice (for example, make one called 'edge') and then run the setup.exe. There are also detailed instructions included to help you out in the 'demoguide' folder in the .zip.

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