Ultimate Ride


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You've created the Ultimate Ride now strap yourself in and experience the high-speed rush invented by your own twisted imagination! Build your ride, customize an entire 3D ride experience and share it with your friends on the Web. Even the laws of physics can't hold you back.
Ultimate Ride is the only real-time, virtual thrill, 3D ride attraction for the true roller coaster fan. Design, customize, test, ride and complete missions with a variety of amusement park attractions found in your very own theme park. There are two modes of play to choose from: Mission and Free Form.

In Mission Mode, you must complete a roller coaster based on specific criteria such as; 4 loops, a minimum G force of 7, and a ride rating of 10.

In the Free For Mode, you create any roller coaster you can imagine, and customize it by using a combination of environments, backgrounds, characters and props. After designing the attraction, you can "ride" your creation and view it with 4 different camera angles.

Once complete, you can share your coaster with friends or family by sending the file via email, or post in on the Ultimate Ride coasterXchange and compete for the rank of Rollergod. Relax, sit back, and screeeeeam.

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