Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Make a backup of this file before proceeding to edit anything.

Use notepad or a text editor to edit the file hitman2.ini. At the end of the file add: enableconsole 1 for the beta game version.
In final edition of the game put in: EnableCheats 1

Now start a game and during gameplay press to get the console and enter a code below:

god 1 - god mod
giveall - Gives you all the weapons
infammo - Full ammo
invisible 1 - Invisible
Submitted by Jonas Karlsson

Various cheats

IOIRULEZ Invincibility
IOIGIVES Weapons & Ammo
IOIHITLEIF Max out health
IOIER Bomb Mode
IOISLO Slo-Mo Mode
IOILEPOW Lethal Charge Mode
IOIGRV Gravitation
IOINGUN Nailgun Mode


This 'bug' allows one to pick locks extra fast. Simply start picking a lock and then keep pressing your map key, in a few seconds 47 will be done picking the lock a lot faster than normal.
Submitted by ToxIk

unlock all levels

go to hitman.ini than type this DefaultScene=AllLevels/levelmenu.gms
Submitted by butch

How to use two different handguns at the same time

Make sure that you are carrying these items:a rifle, the ballers, 2 pistols.

1.drop the ballers on the floor
2.pick up the rifle that just fell downbecause you dropped the ballers
3.take a pistol in your hand this pistol will go to your left hand, it cant be reloaded so i suggest you choose the 9mm Beretta
4.pick up the ballers
5.take the other pistol that you are carrying in your hand.this pistol will go to your right hand, and it doesn't need to be reloaded anymore, so i suggest you use the Deagle for this

note that the pistol in your left hand will run out of ammo and you can't reload it anymore, but the pistol in your right hand doesn't need to be reloaded at all

Submitted by -ATLANTiS-

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