XSynergy Gate


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XSynergy Gate is the product of Japanese developers Sexy Death Entertainment. An intriguing name for the game's makers which however, does not even come close to comparing with the game itself which is the product of a pure moment of brilliance.

Your first impression of the game will have to be a visual one. The effects, colours and movement are all of high quality, something which those of you familiar with Japanese free games will know by now. That is where all similarities with other games end. Although, technically, a vertical shooter, the game has a unique perspective and offers a variety of enemies, each with distinctive features, a very large selection of power ups, special weapons and the like and playability which will keep you glued to your screen until your thumbs gain that death-pale shade, associated with the gamer species.

Features include:

-beautiful graphics
-Game pad correspondence
-4 difficulty levels.

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