Bubble Escape


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The objective of Bubble Escape is to save Boblin being abducted from the city by popping the bubbles they are in and then saving the falling Boblin by launching a capture bubble. All you use is the mouse and the two buttons to fire your projectiles. You aim with the mouse where you want to shoot and then just fire away.

The game features 4 unique areas of play with 4 levels in each. The second level of every area is a Bonus Level which challenges you by shooting faster bubbles and rewards you by giving you upgrades to your firepower. The last level of every area is a Boss Level where you have to face off against the invading alien threat by shooting down their spaceships before they set the whole city aflame. The game has a score system which tallies your progress. The more bubbles you shoot and capture, the better the score!

All in all, a very simple premise for a game. But simplicity is usually what creates replay value. And the game certainly has that. Not to mention detailed graphics, great music, and sound effects. But above all, a very cool ending to reward players for their time in playing the game.

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