Multi Theft Auto - San Andreas

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series of games will, no doubt, be familiar with the efforts of the Multi Theft Auto team and their wonderful MTA:VC which allowed multi-player mayhem to spill onto the streets of Vice City.

Following 8 months of hard work, the multiplayer modification is now available for GTA:SA. Most gamers were very disappointed to find out that RockStar did not plan to introduce a multiplayer mode for GTA:SA, even though MTA:VC had clearly demonstrated how desired such a feature would be. PC gamers can now enjoy multiplayer fun in the streets of San Andreas with a new, feature-rich version of MTA utilising the brand new Blue core.

From the creator's blog: The process of developing this release has been a lot of hard work and quite a few long nights, especially when most of our team members are busy with their real lives, but now weŒre glad to announce that weŒre finally ready to show you our work. WeŒve been looking forward to this for a very long time and weŒre certainly very happy with how it looks. We hope you like it too! Smile

This release also features a very easy to use map editor allowing anyone to create a map containing spawnpoints, checkpoints, objects and "pickups". The maps created can be added to an MTA server and played online with your friends at any time.

This version of MTA features a new game mode called Race while expect frequent improvements and updates from the developers.

To get MTA and start enjoying multiplayer GTA:SA, follow the download tab above.

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