Nokia introduces multimedia terminal

The Media Terminal is a state-of-the-art platform combining the Internet, digital television, and broadband access. The modular architecture supports the delivery of services for various network interfaces, such as digital TV and data transmissions according to the DVB standard as well as Docsis, DSL and Ethernet technologies. The new Media Terminal platform is technologically based on open standards and components such as HTML, JavaScript, DVB, MHP, Linux, Mozilla, and X86 PC architecture.

The Media Terminal is designed to deliver customized, interactive, high-bandwidth digital content; video, audio and data that allows consumers to experience the power of broadband services customized to their information needs. The device is targeted to be used with the TV as a display medium, which is reflected both in the user interface and the models for user interaction.

Among other things the Media Terminal users are able to: fully access the content present on the World Wide Web, download and play 3D and networked games, play and store MP3 music files, view video-on-demand services, chat and mail, record digital content on the local hard disk (Digital Video Recorder), place bets and gamble, acquire goods on line, etc.

Connection with several external devices such as printers, digital cameras, hard-disk drives, personal computers and gamepads is enhanced by Nokia Media Terminal, allowing free sharing of data and information originating from other devices within the home. The device's high interactivity levels allow users to take full advantage of the content and service.

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