Intel announces price cuts

Intel updated their price list, dropping the price of 933-MHz Pentium III Xeons used as server computers to $558 from $719 each in volume purchases, after introducing a speedier, 1-GHz Xeon last week.

In an attempt to moderate the consequences of the "glitch" which caused them to recall the 1.13-GHz processors, intel also dropped the price of the 1-GHz Pentium IIIs found in desktop computers which will now cost $669, down from $990.

Other price cuts, include the drop in price of 933-MHz Pentium IIIs to $508 from $669, and 866-MHz chips to $358 from $465. Celerons running at 700MHz now cost $138, down from $192. The 667-MHz chips were cut to $112 from $170, while 633-MHz chips are down to $93 from $138.

The price of 750-MHz Pentium IIIs for laptops was lowered to $401 from $562.

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