Intel To Halve Processor Prices

As we have come to expect Intel will be dropping its processor prices, following the much anticipated release of its Pentium 4 1.9 and 2 GHz models on Monday.

The drop in prices will be significant and will even reach 55% in some cases. Intel is also planning to release its Celeron 1.0 and 1.1 GHz soon.

The starting price for the new Pentium 4 chips will be $375 for the 1.9 GHz and $562 for the 2 GHz.
It seems that AMD will have a battle on two fronts since not only are they lagging in GHz power but Intel is also approaching their prices pretty fast.

The complete list of expected prices:

P4 2.0GHz New price(NP)$562, P4 1.9GHz NP $375

P4 1.8GHz NP $256 Old Price(OP)$562

P4 1.7GHz (NP $193 OP $352)

P4 1.6GHz (NP $163 OP $294)

P4 1.5GHz (NP $133 OP $256)

P4 1.4GHz (NP $133 OP $193)

P4 1.3GHz (NP $133 OP $193)

CELERON 1.1GHz (NP $103)

CELERON 1.0GHz (NP $89)

CELERON 950MHz (NP $74)

CELERON 900MHz (NP $64)

CELERON 850MHz (NP $74)

CELERON 800MHz (NP $64)

CELERON 766MHz (NP $64)

CELERON 733MHz (NP $64)

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