Icewind Dale Expansion Pack Announced

The team who brought you Icewind Dale has officially announced the new Icewind Dale expansion pack, entitled, "Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter" they've got a whole bunch of new stuff planned like:

800x600 resolution support (which works on the original game as well)
Drop away interfaces to play in fullscreen
Improved OpenGL 3D support!
Gem bags and scroll cases to assist with all those, well, gems and scrolls!
Nearly 60 new spells for wizards, clerics, and druids (probably more considering what these designers are trying to do)
More than 80 new magic items, even refinements to items in the original game
A higher experience point cap, tentatively set at 2,900,000 allowing for mega-high level characters.
Hotkey for showing items on the ground and doorways, which is nice for looting those mounds of dead corpses littering the floor.
They've been working hard on it for the past month or two, and in Black Isle style, they will have a whole bunch of free stuff to check out and download coming soon.

The expansion takes you to the northernmost town of Lonelywood, one of the Ten Towns in the region. Native barbarians have been organizing hordes of warriors to sweep across the region razing each of the Ten Towns in their wake. A mysterious traveler enlists the aid of your party to help stop what he belives is a grave mistake. For the sheen of gold, or the principle of justice, it is up to you to stop the storm of conflict. And of course, there's much more to it than that.

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