Half-Life mod: The Opera

Ever watch a Hong Kong Blood Opera (HKBO) movie? This is one film genre which really takes action fans to the next level: the violence is stylised, carefully choreographed... it's cool. The Opera isn't about blowing a body into a thousand pieces; it isn't about being impersonal as you send a bullet into someone's head from 800 meters away. The empahsis is on how you kill, not just how many.

The Opera is a total conversion (TC) for Half-Life, created by the Redeemed Assasins. It's aim is to give the multi-player first person shooter genre a new lease of life, by moving the emphasis from the usual jump and strafe fests to style and accuracy. The Opera takes its inspiration from the kind of films pioneered by John Woo, collectively known as Hong Kong Blood Operas.

What The Opera IS about is John Woo-style gunfights-a recreation of an HKBO movie. Not a fragfest: a duel. Learning how to live with getting killed by a rocket launcher is easy. How about when your opponent double-taps you in the head with dual Berettas while diving backwards down a stairway?

Choose your weapons. Choose your Discipline. Choose your character. In a world of assassins, death is inevitable.

Go out in style.

In The Opera, you won't find ammo counters, damage measured in numbers, or power-ups. HKBO movies emphasise drama over silly, mindless action.

A dynamic damage system. Flowing trenchcoats-a first for the Half-Life engine. So are 3D muzzle flashes. Akimbo weapons all over the place. Stunts galore. Be prepared.

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