Space Corps 5 Doomsday


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Space Corps first appeared on the Amiga platform around 2 decades ago and is still going strong. Now having reached several million users it now arrives on it's third computer platform, the Apple Macintosh. With a fourth platform due for release in early 2006, Linux.

This is a simple game, it is an overhead spaceship combat game with an advanced AI, the match is played like a deathmatch and in this edition there are 4 teams all trying to achieve victory.

With over 400 ships packed into the small arena it's absolute bedlam, Space Corps might be a simple game but if you are one of those who get's "touched" by it's simplistic grace, you'll find it hugely enjoyable and addictive.

W / Cursor Up Accelerate
S / Cursor Down Decelerate
A / Cursor Left Turn Left
D / Cursor Right Turn Right
Ctrl Hold Fire
P Pause
TAB Show Scores
Backspace Turbo Mode
Esc Quit Battle

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