Cleavage 3D


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Cleavage 3D is a new screensaver that can also be played as a game. It's a bit like the old Barbarian game, but it's in 3D, and instead of dudes in loinclothes fighting it out, it's chicks in bikinis.

Mix babes, bikinis and blades and you've got the Cleavage 3D Interactive Screensaver.

Challenge your friends to a sword fight in game mode, or for those who like to watch, sit back and watch the babes battle it out in 3D graphics as a screensaver. You can also make this classic game remake play your MP3s in the background. This is definately a
screensaver unlike any other you've seen before, and it's all presented in extra-bouncy, nicely waxed OpenGL 3D graphics.

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