League of Legends EU Accounts Hacked

European League of Legends (LoL) gamers have been issued with an email from developer Riot, informing them that their account information has been accessed by hackers. The company also advised that all those potentially affected change their password as soon as possible.

However, Riot was keen to point out that only username and password information was compromised, stating clearly that "no credit card, billing information or payment related information of any kind was stolen during this hacking incident."

While it's not been said in what form the passwords were stolen - plaintext or encrypted - the simplest recommendation for EU players would be to change your LoL password and any other instances where you've used that combination of username and password.

Riot is taking a very humble tack with this, seeming more embarrassed than anything. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes it up to gamers with some freely gifted IP, but for now there have only been promises of improved diligence and better security for user account information.

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