SecuRom Causes Problems With Batman Steam Buys

Those who purchased Batman: Arkham Asylum during the Steam Summer Sale, have been reporting problems with activating the game. You'd think because it was built into the digital download platform that activation wouldn't be necessary, but apparently that's not the case. SecuRom, the much detracted DRM software, needs appeasing before it lets you in; and it's not playing ball.

Those who have attempted to activate the game since downloading and installing their new purchase have been greeted with a message telling them their serial key was "not found in the database."

Understandably lots of people have taken to the official Steam forums in order to complain, though there has been little response from the platform holder or Warner Bros. However, it's being reported by some sources that Warner is looking into the issue.

For those having trouble, some users are suggesting that it's possible to bypass this error with the help from a certain bay, where swashbuckling can be found in abundance. I wonder what they're talking about?

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