Iwata Apologizes For Lack Of Wii U Titles

In his Nintendo Direct presentation today, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata apologized for the scarcity of new Wii U titles so far, and promised that the pace should pick up by March.

"Nintendo takes seriously its responsibility to offer a steady stream of new titles in the very early days of a new platform to establish a good lineup of software," he said. "On the other hand, we also firmly believe we have to offer quality experiences when we release new titles. Based on our software development schedules at the end of last year, we concluded we should spend a little more time to satisfy our Nintendo standard of quality. I apologize to those supporting Wii U about the lack of titles in January and February."

Nintendo had several first party Wii U titles scheduled for release in January and February but they were all postponed to April or later. Titles that shared that fate include Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, The Wonderful 101, and Game & Wario.

Ironically, this post-launch drought is exactly what Nintendo planned carefully to avoid months ahead of Wii U launch. "Nintendo tends to release too many titles at the launch of a hardware system and as a result suffers a drop in new games for quite some time after launch, and for the Wii U launch, we are being very careful not to let it happen," Iwata said in October 2012.

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