"Not A Sequel Or Expansion” Blizzard Announcing New Game At PAX

Blizzard is teasing that it will announce a new game during Boston's Penny Arcade Expo East next month.

"We've been working on a little something, different from our other games, and we're pleased to invite you to be the first to see it," the company wrote in an e-mail sent to the press. "It's not a sequel, expansion or that rumored next-gen MMO, but it's something we're excited for you to get your hands on."

This would be Blizzard’s first non-Diablo, non-StarCraft and non-WarCraft since “The Lost Vikings” was released in 1997. And it is not the company’s top secret next-gen MMO, Project Titan.

It is quite possible that the mystery game would be “Blizzard All-Stars,” a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that was revealed as a StarCraft II custom map during Blzzcon 2010 before evolving to a standalone project.

Blizzard All-Stars was originally named “Blizzard DotA” before Valve won a copyright dispute over that term.

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