Nintendo Tells Wii Owners That Wii U Is A Console, Not A Peripheral

Nintendo has sent out a mass message to Wii owners informing them that Wii U is available in stores and that it is "an all-new home console from Nintendo," and not a mere upgrade or peripheral for the current Wii system.

Last month Nintendo announced that it has accrued $366 million loss in 2012. One of the main reasons behind that loss was Wii U’s lackluster sales. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted that this is the result of the company’s failure in communicating Wii U’s value to consumers and specially Wii owners.

"Some have the misunderstanding that Wii U is just Wii with a pad for games, and others even consider Wii U GamePad as a peripheral device connectable to Wii. We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product," he explained.

Iwata also admitted that the lack of interesting games has hindered Wii U’s sales momentum.

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