The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out


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Game Cheats:
Get 10 Extra Doughnuts and Jebediah Springfield Statue:
During gameplay select Homer to display his task menu and then tap Homer ten times. If done correctly a message will appear to confirm correct code entry.
Homer is Tapped Out!!:
While your at your Springfield tap homer about the whole time then after that it will give donuts jehdiah statue Good luck!

Donuts no jailbreak:
Click on the dog track then click on the scratch card scratch do not press go until the next one comes on a then scratch it of click ok buy something with donuts done no jailbreak 100% works

Statue and 10 donuts really works!!:
All you have to do is tap on homer to open the task menu and tap on him 10 or more times and then a message will say"you have discovered the super secret cheat" then you will get the jbediah Springfield statue and 10 donuts.
Have friends that havent updated to valentines or you can't find anywhere to get hearts from their springfield? No worries! You might notice that when you enter a friends springfield that the valentine invites or cards may appear above many buildings etc. But it soon vanishes. When these are in sight you may click on them and collect the rewards (nearly 100% of the time containing hearts). If the icons or cards disappear just leave and come back to their springfield and do it again.

More Money And XP From Visiting Friends:
You should already know that if you visit all your friends in the same session by staying in the friend section without returning to your Springfield, syncronising or logging out, that at a certain point the amount of money you recieve from each building goes up by 1 for each subsequent Springfield you visit. However, if you perform only 1 task in your friends village, return to the friends screen then re-enter the same friends Springfield and perform the next task you will find that the amount of money has still gone up by 1 even though you are technically still performing tasks in the same Springfield. Do this again for the final task and the amount will have gone up by 1 again.
It doesn't sound like much but it pretty soon adds up.
For example: let's say in your first friends Springfield you get $1 for each of the 3 tasks (I know that's not right but it's just easier to explain), that's a total if $3. Using the new technique you would get $1 for the first task. $2 for the second and $3 for the third, making $6 in total from that Springfield. On the second Springfield using the old method you would get $2 for each task. The new technique would get you $15 ($4 + $5 + $6) and so on...
If you had 100 Springfields to visit you would get $15,150 using the original method. Using the new (albeit MUCH longer) technique, you would net $45,145, that's almost $30,000 more! Do this each day for a week and you've got an extra $210,000!
The XP you receive also goes up in the same fashion but in much smaller increments.

Extra Santa coins:
You can go back to your friends house as the Simpson house will regenerate a new coin every few mins.
100.000 dollars every hour (no jailbreak/hack required):
To get 100.000$ every hour you have to plant corn at Cletus' farm. When the counter hits 89 days and 23 hours, visit as many friends as you can and tap on their cletus' farm in that last hour. If done correctly you can then tap on your farm for an unlimited time getting unlimited dollars.
Tap on homer 10 times and you will receive 10 donuts. This only works once though.

150 free donuts:
To get 150 donuts for free you have to have apu work a 168hour shift a Kwiki mart (7 days). Then you need to have Lisa do next weeks homework (1 day). Then have millhouse fly a scale model perfectly. Tap millhouse 10 times and you will receive 150 donuts.
Free Burning Bush Premuim Item!:
Near the mountain area. There is a piece of land that has this item. Buy that land and place it anywhere. You can buy it for 20 doughnuts or have it for free

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